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Shun Oyama 

Japanese fashion Designer 

Back Groud

Born Jun 18th, 1997 in Tokyo, Japan (22 years old)


2016, Graduate high school in Japan 

2016, Start college in USA (San Diego)

2017, Start Vision of LiBERTY (street clothing line)

2018, First runway show (Shun Oyam Tokyo)

2019, Graduate College with Fashion Design and Merchandising.

2019, Join apparel company in Los Angeles 

He is a young fashion designer from Japan

(born Jun 18th, 1997. Tokyo Japan.  He was playing soccer for 10 years since when he was 8years old. He was in one of very famous sports high school in Japan. After he graduated the high school, He went to USA for college. He studied Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. He started making an apparel brand called Vision of LiBERTY. When he was leaning how to make dress at school, he was really into fashion and making collection. 

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