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Vision of LiBERTY( street style clothing brand) was established in 2017 , Los Angeles, California. We interact with Fashion, Music and Dance and we are trying to design our life with fashion.  

Vision of LiBERTY.jpg
Shun Oyama Tokyo 
Vision of LiBERTY 2.jpg

Designer: Shun Oyma. This is one of his dress line. This Japanese designer makes Elegant and Sexy dresses for real.  He is making new style fashion from different perspective.

Vision of LiBERTY Japan
Vision of LiBERTY 7.jpg

 Los Angeles  で立ち上げられたストリートブランド。カリフォルニアでファッションデザイナーを目指す、小山 隼が作り上げるアンダーグラウンドなテイストの

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